Capacity Building for Enhancing Local Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation Interventions in Poor Urban Areas



Technical Workshop

A Technical Workshop was organized during 1 – 3 June 2007 in Kathmandu primarily to share lessons learned from 20 case studies undertaken in Bangladesh and Nepal. Ten each in both the countries were conducted in the pre-selected sites applying an agreed methodological protocol. Systematization of the lessons drawn from all these 20 case studies was also an objective of this workshop with a view to developing a training course to impart knowledge and skill to the potential target group involved in WSS interventions in poor urban communities. Central Department of Economics (CEDECON) of Tribhuvan University in collaboration with project partners organized the workshop.

The workshop brought together experts from the region and beyond including academia, policy makers, donors, NGOs and private institutions with the following objectives:

  • To share experiences and lessons learned in the field of community participation in water supply and sanitation interventions in poor urban areas of Bangladesh and Nepal
  • To disseminate the lessons learned from the assessment of 20 case studies from Nepal and Bangladesh among the experts, policy makers, academia and other concerned stakeholders
  • To obtain advice from the experts on how to translate the lessons learned into innovative curriculum and training materials
  • To systematize the lesson learned from the case studies towards developing a training course

The workshop was dived into nine sessions. The sessions were consisting of presentations, field visit, open discussion and group work. A total of eight presentations were made in the workshop.  Active participation of about 70 key professionals of water supply and sanitation sector including government officials, policy makers, academia, private sector, donor community including European Commission and representatives from NGOs participated in different sessions made the Workshop fruitful. Valuable inputs and feedbacks of the specialists aided in forming a prolific outline of the training materials and made the workshop successful.

The Proceedings of the workshop has been prepared by CEDECON of Tribhuvan University with inputs from all the partner organizations. Click here to downloadong the proceedings.

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