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ITN Resource Pool

Faculty members of Environmental Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET

Dr. Farooque Ahmed

Research Interests : Low cost water treatment, Low cost sanitation. Rural supply, management and planning.

Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman Image

Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman

Research Interests : Environmental sanitation and water supply, Urban storm drainage, Surface water pollution Management, EIA, Environmental management system, ISO 14000, Indoor air pollution.

Dr. M. Habibur Rahman

Research Interests : Water supply, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Pollution Control, Renewable Energy and Environmental Impact Assessment & Management.

Dr. Md. Delwar Hossain

Research Interests : Environmental Pollution Control, Ground Water Quality.

Dr. A.B.M Badruzzaman

Research Interests : Water quality modelling, Solid waste management, Arsenic Contamination of groundwater, Heavy metal contamination of soil and food products, noise pollution, Wastewater treatment and sludge management.

Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil

Research Interests : Environmental hydraulics. Computational fluid dynamics. Environmental sanitation. Water and sewage treatment, Environmental aspect of river improvements.

Dr. M. Ashraf Ali

Research Interests : Aquatic Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Fate and transport of chemicals in surface and subsurface waters. Ground water contamination, hazardous waste site remediation, water and industrial waste treatment.

Dr. Rowshan Mamtaz

Research Interests : Solid waste management, water treatment, environmental management.

Dr. Md. Mafizur Rahman

Research Interests : Climate Change impacts on food security, Climate change and water environment, Alternate water resources in urban and rural areas of developing countries, Ground water pollution and Recharge, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering with GIS application, Urban air pollution and impact of climate change.


Snigdha Afsana
Assistant Professor

Research Interests : Risk assessment of arsenic and other carcinogenic elements present in groundwater, Water treatment for removal of Manganese and other heavy metals, Water quality modeling, Sustainable water supply and sanitation systems, Chemical treatment of water.

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed
Assistant Professor

Research Interests : Environmental Science, Ecology and environment, epidemiology, groundwater hydrology

Dr. Mahbuboor Rahman Choudhury
Assistant Professor

Research Interests : Environmental remediation technologies, Environmental Nanotechnology, Surface Complexation Modeling, Air Pollution, Climate Change.

Md. Maksimul Islam

Research Interests : Climate Change, Rainwater Harvesting, Air Quality, Meteorology, GIS Application in Environmental Engineering, Draingae Canals.

Sadia Afrin

Research Interests : Storm water networking and Drainage Canals, ,Climate Change, Rainwater Harvesting, Air Quality, Meteorology, GIS Application in Environmental Engineering.

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