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    Centre for Water Supply and Waste Management
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    Striving for Safe Drinking Water and Environmental Sanitation

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    Area of Specialization of ITN-BUET
    Human Resources Development for WSS Sector
    Appropriate Technical Education for Sustainable Development of WSS
    Scientific and Applied Research in WSS on Current Issues
    Organizing national and international workshop and seminars on subject of importance
    Information Dissemination
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    ITN Centre has successfully actuated the bridging role between
    'Academic & Research Institutions' and 'Management & Implementing Organizations'

Welcome to ITN-BUET

ITN-BUET is a network of knowledge and skill development in water supply and sanitation (WSS). It strives for expansion of knowledge base through networking for HRD that promotes sustainable development of WSS sector.

You are invited to visit our site and learn about the Centre and its activities for the development of water supply and waste management.

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The vision of ITN-BUET is to achieve a strong, capable human resource base for sustainable development of water supply and environmental sanitation. Knowledge development through applied research and professional development programmes constitutes the foundation for human capacity building. ITN-BUET has access to the regional and global resources base for effective transfer and dissemination of information.

The primary goal is to achieve an improved human resource base that promotes sustainable development of water supply and sanitation. It strives for expansion of knowledge base through networking. It has successfully actuated the bridging role between 'academic & research institution' and 'management & implementing organizations' and it strives to create opportunities for the academicians and implementers to come up in a common forum and work hand in hand for the WSS sector.

The objectives of ITN Centre are:

  • Promotion of human resource development for wider application of appropriate technology for WSS;
  • Capacity building of sector agencies and institutions for professional development, dissemination of information and transfer of knowledge;
  • Reorientation of curricula and syllabi of technical education for WSS sector;
  • Update the skills of staff and decision makers within the WSS sector;
  • Establishment of applied research and demonstration projects related to low cost WSS for capacity development;
  • Participation of women in all levels of development


Our Activities

Major Activities of ITN-BUET

Education and Training

Over the last Nineteen years ITN Centre has conducted 225 trainings on 49 different courses and trained 7,358 professionals.


Research and Consultancy

ITN-BUET is very selective in setting its research agenda. The emerging sector issues are targeted for research and studies.


Workshop and Seminar

To address emerging sector issues and build consensus on probable solutions, ITN organizes workshops, seminars, symposiums etc.

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