Education and Training

Initiatives in Environmental Engineering Education

Curricula of Environmental Engineering studies have been seen as an important area of ITN’s activity and an intensive exercise was carried out with respect to curricula of undergrad level at earlier stage of ITN activities. At a later stage, the curricula developed earlier for the undergraduate level was reviewed for its appropriateness in the context of the continued development, particularly in the WSS sector in the country. In response to the request from the Directorate of Technical Education, ITN-BUET provided its services towards reorientation of curricula of Environmental Engineering studies of diploma level. In both these two levels, senior faculty of the Environmental Engineering Division of BUET played the lead role. These curricula are now being followed in the engineering universities and polytechnic institutes in the country.

Important initiatives of ITN in the education of environmental engineering are to:

  • Improve and increase the teaching of appropriate technologies within existing taught courses throughout Bangladesh through changes in syllabi, development of textbooks and the training of teaching staff.

  • Improve the availability of high-quality teaching materials for trainers and participants.

Professional Development Courses

Training front has always been considered as the major activity area of ITN. Specialized and orientation courses were designed and conducted in order to address knowledge gaps prevailing in the sector. Needs Assessment have been carried out through a consultation process involving all major stakeholders at strategic time horizon. As regard to the quality of services of this front, the quality assurance and quality control process (QA-QC) were designed and set in motion with utmost importance. Each training undertaking was put to evaluation for further improvement.

To strengthen the capacity of government, local government institutions and non-government stakeholders at all levels ITN has been organizing a lot of training activities. ITN is offering ToT, orientation and specialized courses on various topics related to the water supply and sanitation sector. ITN has so far organized more than 120 specialized training programmes. The centre is motivated to identify the gaps in the sector and training packages including courses, modules and materials according to the sector needs.

Popular Training Programs

Other Training Programs

  • Training Course on Participatory Management of Low-cost Water Supply and Sanitation

  • Orientation Course on Water Supply and Waste Management for Graduating Students

  • Training Course on Low-Cost Water Supply and Waste Management

  • Course on Logical Framework Approach in Planning Sustainable Development of WSS

  • Irrigation Water Analysis and Application of Spectrophotometer for Laboratory Personnel

  • ToT for Polytechnic Teachers

  • Training Course on QHRA Model

  • Specialized Course on Water Quality Surveillance

  • Specialized Course on Construction Supervision of Rural Piped Water Supply System