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Productivity of an organization depends entirely on the availability of human resource within it. Likewise, national output and services also depend on the human resource available in the country. All levels of development suffer severely from scarcity of right people in right places. To facilitate the development of human resources, the most important tool is training.

In persuasion of this objective, ITN-BUET offers training on different aspects of water supply and sanitation to achieve an improved human resource base, which promotes sustainable development. WSS is an important sector as it impacts general health and hygiene of the entire population. In the past, only physical facilities were emphasized for safe drinking water and sanitation for people. But the national and global experience has demonstrated that construction of physical facilities alone is not sufficient to improve general health of people or to guarantee sustainability of water and sanitation services. The quality of construction; choice of technology; operation and maintenance (O&M) and hygiene promotion are the key factors in sustainability of the services, improvement of general health as well as well being of people. The sector will need enormous manpower to achieve sustainable services that make a positive impact on health. Appropriate and effective training programmes are necessary to increase skill among the staffs of different agencies to cope with the changed environmental needs.

For the implementation of human resource development through training, the necessity of efficient and effective trainers cannot be denied. To enhance the effectiveness of training programme by optimum utilization of resources, the role of the individuals involved in it is very crucial. The first step to design and develop a successful training programme is to identify the trainees and the type of training they need. A relevant, accurate and complete need analysis ensures the effectiveness of the programme. The success of a training course depends on its proper management and coordination. The responsibilities at the managerial level comprises of the process of managing all the resources and supportive services.

Development of training skill is a primary requisite in building resource base set with master trainers who will develop trainers for the future. These trainers will transform their skills to others to improve the capacity of their respective sector. As a means of improving the resource base for capacity building, ITN-BUET regularly arranges specialized course on ‘Training Skill Development’.

The main objective of this training course is:

Development of efficient and effective trainers in the country to implement human resource development programme. It will be helpful to meet the changing needs of organizations, projects as well as various sectors.

The other objectives are:

  • To provide the basic skills needed for a trainer;
  • To assess different aspects of training course with a view to enhance its effectiveness;
  • To understand the value and importance of evaluation as a way to learn from past experience and future improvement;
  • To understand different types of evaluation and their uses; and
  • To uphold proper process of planning and management which is an integral part of success of a training course.

This is a specialized course to facilitate human resource development in training. The course is designed for potential trainers working in training units of various organizations. However, WSS professionals are also expected to be benefitted from the course. The participants are required to have a graduation degree.

The four day long course entails the following areas:

  • Concepts of training, Objectives, training and human resource development.
  • Training need assessment
  • Training methodology
  • Training evaluation: overview of existing system and process
  • Salient features of ITN-BUET developed Quality Assurance system and it’s demonstration
  • Evaluation by ITN-BUET QA system.
  • Planning and management of training

ITN Centre’s Resource Pool and professionals having long experience in the field of training will provide expertise services during the course.

Persons interested to undertake the course are required to register their names to the ITN Centre. Registration form is available online. The number of seats is limited and registration shall be on a first-come first-serve basis.

To fill up the online application form click here.
To download application form click here.

A registration fee as per advertisement needs to be paid along with the registration form in the form of Account Payee Cheque/Bank draft/Cash.

Registration fee covers the following:
Course Materials, Notes & Hand-outs, Lunch and refreshments, Certificate from ITN-BUET.

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