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Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the Southwestern Coastal Region of Bangladesh Effectiveness and Household Perception

Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the Southwestern Coastal Region of Bangladesh: Effectiveness and Household Perception

ITN-BUET undertook this research to evaluate the post-installation performance of household RWH systems in the southwestern coastal region of Bangladesh. The objective is to pinpoint essential factors governing the long-term effectiveness of the system.

Researcher(s): Tanvir Ahmed

August, 2022

Study on Conservation of Water through Use of Water Efficient Appliances in Dhaka City

Shortage of safe drinking water is one of the problems being faced by the citizens of Dhaka. While the concerned agencies are continuously striving for increasing the supply, a demand […]

Participatory Management of Low-cost Water Supply and Sanitation

The document is actually a manual of training programme on the same title given which was intended to be helpful to bring about changes in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude among the officials of DPHE to improve …

Author(s)/Editor(s): Feroze Ahmed, Hasin Jahan

Fourth Edition: May, 2010

Health and Safety of Waste and Sanitation Workers during the Pandemic: A Case Study in Selected Cities of Bangladesh

This report shows findings regarding the conditions of waste and sanitation workers and authorities in maintaining occupational health safety, especially during COVID-19.

Researcher(s): Mahbub Ul Alam

First Edition: January, 2021

Performance Assessment of FSM Services in Faridpur, Lakshmipur and Sakhipur Municipalities

ITN-BUET conducted this action research to assess the overall performance of FSM services in Paurashavas (Municipalities), where FSM service has been operational for a few years.

Researcher(s): Maharam Dakua

January, 2021

Prospects, Principles and Practice of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh: A Guidebook for Professionals, Practitioners and Students

Urban areas of Bangladesh are facing an ironical situation today. On one hand there is the acute water scarcity and on the other, the streets are often …

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abdullah Al-Muyeed, Ashraf Ali, Muhammad, Md Tahmidul Islam, Tanvir Ahmed

March, 2016

Water Safety Plan (‎WSP)‎: a risk based approach for water safety

This book on WSP is an outcome of the initiative of WHO-Bangladesh and ITN-BUET in mainstreaming the WSPs in the water supply sector of the country. This book will help develop a strong knowledge-base of undergraduate level technical/engineering students on WSP, and enable them to better prepare themselves in facing the challenges in the water supply sector of the country.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Ashraf Ali, Muhammad, Mahbuboor R. Choudhury, Mujibur Rahman

October, 2014

A case study on rainwater harvesting for drinking water with solar disinfection system

Water crisis is a general term used to describe a situation where the available water within a region is less than the region’s demand. The water security is a shared threat to human and nature and it is pandemic. Earth has a limited…

Researcher(s): Maharam Dakua, Md. Mafizur Rahman