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Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water

Provision of arsenic free water is urgently needed for immediate protection of health and well being of the people living in arsenic affected areas. In most situations, substitution of tubewell water by an alternative safe and reliable source of water supply is not an easy task.

Author(s)/Editor(s): M. Feroze Ahmed, Md. Ashraf Ali, Zafar Adeel

First Edition: May, 2001

Training Skill Development

Building capacity within a sector involves a variety of aspects of which human resources development is indispensable. The single most important tool to facilitate human resources development is training. Development […]

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Haroon Ur Rashid

May, 2001

Application of LFA towards better project design and management in WATSAN

Inadequate planning is a persistent problem in development. Implementation assigns too much emphasis on physical results and too little on processes, policy issues and the impact of the project. A […]

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Haroon Ur Rashid

May, 2001

পানি সরবরাহ ও স্যানিটেশন (Pani Sarbaraha O Sanitation)

The textbook “Water Supply & Sanitation – Rural and Low Income Urban Communities” intended for graduate level created a great impression amongst the students and teachers of Engineering Universities and Institutes and also amongst the professionals working in the water supply and sanitation sector. The main reason of this acceptability is that unlike other published books on Environmental Engineering, this book deals not only with technical aspects but also with socio-economic and gender aspects related to water supply and sanitation.

Author(s)/Editor(s): M. Feroze Ahmed, Mujibur Rahman

First Edition: May, 2001