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Manual on Computerized Evaluation Process and Techniques of Training Undertakings

ITN-BUET has developed a Quality Assurance System for the training programs by which a balanced evaluation of a training program can be carried out. This document is the manual of that QA System model.

May, 2008

Effectiveness of Alum in Removing Arsenic from Groundwater

Contamination of groundwater with arsenic is considered as a major challenge in the water supply sector of Bangladesh. ITN-BUET has conducted a number of researches on arsenic issue. In continuation of ITN-BUET initiatives, a research on “Effectiveness of Alum in Removing Arsenic” was conducted by ITN-BUET during 2001 to 2002. This publication is the outcome of this initiative.

Researcher(s): Md. Abdul Jalil

First Edition: June, 2007

Water Supply and Sanitation for rural and low income urban communities

This textbook has been developed with proper balance of ‘software’ i.e., socio-cultural and economic aspects and ‘hardware’ i.e., technical aspects, and with special attention to gender issue, including experiences in Bangladesh.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Feroze Ahmed, Mujibur Rahman

Third Edition: June, 2007

Environmental Sustainability Concerns

This publication includes a compilation of selected papers presented at International Symposium on Environmental Sustainability (ISES) 2006 along with invited keynote papers. The papers cover a wide range of issues including environmental sustainability, water supply and sanitation, transportation…

Author(s)/Editor(s): A.B.M. Badruzzaman, Ashraf Ali, Muhammad, Ian Smout, Jobair Bin Alam, Mujibur Rahman

First Edition: September, 2006

Risk Assessment of Arsenic Mitigation Option

The purpose of the risk assessment was to quantify the health risks associated with different arsenic mitigation options. In providing alternative water supplies, it is important to be aware that users may be exposed to other hazards such as pathogens. Risk substitution in arsenic mitigation should always… … …

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Feroze Ahmed

September, 2005

Development of Community Based Arsenic and Iron Removal Unit for Rural Water Supply System

The research focused on development of a community based Arsenic-Iron Removal Unit (AIRU) adopting the technique of adsorption and co-precipitation of arsenic onto the flocs of ferric hydroxide, making use of the naturally occurring iron of groundwater. The operation and maintenance of the developed AIRU are simpler and more users friendly in comparison to the previously developed community based water treatment units. Number of beneficiaries and water consumption was increased by about 10 folds after the installation of the AIRU.

Researcher(s): Farooque Ahmed

First Edition: June, 2005

Contemporary Environmental Challenges

This book is a compilation of articles on contemporary environmental issues and challenges selected from papers presented at the International Symposium on Environmental Management, ISEM 2004.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Ashraf Ali, Muhammad, Jobair Bin Alam, K. Vairavamoorthy, Mansoor Ali, Mujibur Rahman

First Edition: March, 2004

South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN 2003) – Proceedings

A total of 301 delegates and guests from nine Country Delegations (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and other local and international organisations, participated in […]

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Feroze Ahmed, Ryan Knox


A Study on Development of an Arsenic Test Kit and Some Arsenic Contamination Issues

A field kit was developed which used non-toxic Silver Nitrate soaked papers as indicator. Adsorption capacities of arsenic by different materials were tested in the laboratory, in which good removal potential was found in Bijoypur clay, bleached sawdust and newspaper pulp.

Researcher(s): Abul Khair

First Edition: June, 2003

Fate of Arsenic in the Environment

This publication is a compilation of papers presented at the BUET-UNU International symposium on Fate of Arsenic in the Environment. The papers broadly describe the fate of arsenic extracted through tubewell water and transported with surface water, its presence in water-soil-plant environment …

Author(s)/Editor(s): Ashraf Ali, Muhammad, Feroze Ahmed, Zafar Adeel

First Edition: February, 2003