Development of Community Based Arsenic and Iron Removal Unit for Rural Water Supply System

Researcher(s): Farooque Ahmed

First Edition: June, 2005

Category: Research Series

Tags: Arsenic

Commencement: May 1998 to March 1999

Price: 100 Tk. or 5.0

ITN Research Series 06

The research focused on development of a community based Arsenic-Iron Removal Unit (AIRU) adopting the technique of adsorption and co-precipitation of arsenic onto the flocs of ferric hydroxide, making use of the naturally occurring iron of groundwater. The operation and maintenance of the developed AIRU are simpler and more users friendly in comparison to the previously developed community based water treatment units. Number of beneficiaries and water consumption was increased by about 10 folds after the installation of the AIRU.
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