Training Skill Development

Author(s)/Editor(s): Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Haroon Ur Rashid

May, 2001

Category: Books

Building capacity within a sector involves a variety of aspects of which human resources development is indispensable. The single most important tool to facilitate human resources development is training. Development of ‘training skill’ is a primary requisite in building a resource base, set with master trainers who will develop trainers for the sector. These trainers at different levels will in turn transfer skills to others to improve sector capacity. This publication has the potential to make significant contribution to development of human resources in the water supply and sanitation sector. The document maintains a logical sequence in organizing the different aspects of training. It starts with the concept of training followed by objective setting, training needs assessment and design of training modules, sessions and programs. The document elaborates on a variety of tools and procedures of training. It introduces a number of participatory tools and supplements them with examples and exercises to clarify different concepts and practices.

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Price: 250 Tk.
ISBN: 984-32-1048-4