Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water

Author(s)/Editor(s): M. Feroze Ahmed, Md. Ashraf Ali, Zafar Adeel

First Edition: May, 2001

Category: Books

Tags: Arsenic

Provision of arsenic free water is urgently needed for immediate protection of health and well being of the people living in arsenic affected areas. In most situations, substitution of tubewell water by an alternative safe and reliable source of water supply is not an easy task. Treatment of arsenic-contaminated tubewell water is one prominent option in the acute arsenic affected areas in Bangladesh and India. This publication comprises a compilation of papers presented at the BUET-UNU International workshop on Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water. The papers describe a broad range of activities in the areas of research, development and evaluation of various arsenic removal technologies. It is anticipated that the information contained in this document will be useful in understanding the current technological developments in arsenic removal as well as their limitations. This effort is also useful in identifying the areas needing further improvement for successful implementation and adaptation of technologies to rural conditions.

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ISBN: 984-31-1305-6