পানি সরবরাহ ও স্যানিটেশন (Pani Sarbaraha O Sanitation)

Author(s)/Editor(s): M. Feroze Ahmed, Mujibur Rahman

First Edition: May, 2001

Category: Books

The textbook “Water Supply & Sanitation – Rural and Low Income Urban Communities” intended for graduate level created a great impression amongst the students and teachers of Engineering Universities and Institutes and also amongst the professionals working in the water supply and sanitation sector. The main reason of this acceptability is that unlike other published books on Environmental Engineering, this book deals not only with technical aspects but also with socio-economic and gender aspects related to water supply and sanitation. After the successful publication of the book written in English, immense requests were emerging from different professional levels for a Bangla version of the book. And initiated by such proposals, the cumbersome job of retranslating the text book has been performed and the outcome is here.
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