Review of Policies and Institutional Landscape on Solid Waste Management in Urban Settings of Bangladesh

Period: July 2023 - December 2023

Client(s): SNV Netherlands Development Organization

With the rapid pace of urbanization in Bangladesh, the daily generation of solid waste in urban cities is increasing day by day. This huge amount of waste poses significant challenges for cities in terms of environmental degradation, public health risks, economic losses, and overall quality of life. In an effort to address these issues and protect the well-being of approximately 1.8 million people in 12 cities and towns, SNV, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has been awarded a new project in Bangladesh called “Transitioning to Sustainable Urban Water Cycles in Bangladesh.” The project aims to improve urban issues including solid waste management by enhancing access to safe and essential urban services. One of the key objectives is to strengthen the capacities of cities in providing comprehensive, inclusive services by enhancing the professionalism and financial viability of urban sanitation and solid waste services. To achieve this, SNV intends to conduct an in-depth analysis of existing policies, acts, laws, strategies, and institutional arrangements related to the solid waste management (SWM) system in urban areas, with a specific focus on their project cities. In order to accomplish this task, ITN-BUET is responsible for providing technical input and expertise.

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A comprehensive report that examines the policy and institutional landscape of urban solid waste management and provides recommendations through a roadmap for improvement

Policy and Institutional Review on Solid Waste Management in Urban Settings of Bangladesh

The study's prime objective is to assess national and urban-level policies, institutional arrangements, and capacities for solid waste management (SWM

Publisher(s): ITN-BUET, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation