To enhance the safety and well-being of sanitation and waste management workers in Bangladesh, ITN-BUET and SNV Bangladesh organised a comprehensive ‘Training of Trainers’ on 11-13 February 2024. The ToT equipped the city corporation and municipality officials with occupational health and safety knowledge.

A total of 18 participants, representing 11 cities, joined the three-day residential ToT at BRAC CDM of Gazipur. The diverse group of participants contributed to fostering gender inclusivity in sanitation and waste management.     

The program focused on imparting in-depth knowledge of occupational health and safety measures for professionals working in the sanitation and waste management sector. The participants engaged in workshops, lectures, and practical demonstrations, covering topics such as hazard identification, proper use of protective equipment, etc.

Interactive sessions throughout the ToT encouraged participants to share insights and experiences from their respective cities and municipalities. This collaborative approach facilitated the exchange of best practices and innovative strategies, enriching the learning experience.

Participants shared their feedback on the three-day-long ToT, emphasising the value of the knowledge gained and the potential positive impact on the safety of sanitation and waste management workers. The acquired expertise will signify the participants as trainers. They will disseminate occupational health and safety knowledge to create safer working environments in their cities and municipalities.

With the momentum gained from this successful training, stakeholders are optimistic about future collaborations and initiatives to enhance further the occupational health and safety standards for sanitation and waste management workers across the country. The city and municipality officials’ commitment to prioritising sanitation and waste workers’ well-being is crucial to building a healthier and more sustainable environment.

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