Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) Officials from DPHE central office personnel gathered at ITN BUET for a two-day training from 23-24 September 2023 ‘Capacity Building Training for DPHE Officials on Gender-Transformative Approaches in WASH.’ International Training Network of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (ITN-BUET) and the CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE jointly organized the training with an objective to enhance the knowledge and skill of DPHE officials on gender equity and mainstreaming in every facet of their operations, including planning, management, and monitoring processes. DPHE higher officials including Project directors, Superintendent Engineers, Executive Engineers, Social Development Officers, and representatives from Gender forum of DPHE participated in the training program.

The Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) in Bangladesh holds the mandate to ensure service provision in safe water, sanitation, and waste management. Despite this, the consistent integration of gender considerations into their operations remains elusive. To bridge this gap, the CWIS-FSM Support of DPHE, in partnership with ITN BUET, has initiated to develop a comprehensive training manual focusing on Gender Inclusive WASH for DPHE officials. This training was also intended to get feedback from DPHE central level officials on the draft version of the manual to finalize the contents as per DPHE’s specific need. These manuals seek to augment the gender inclusivity and sensitivity of DPHE officials in every facet of their operations, including planning, management, and monitoring processes.

Abdullah Al-Muyeed, the Chief Operating Officer of CWIS-FSM support cell at DPHE, emphasized the vital importance of DPHE officials having a comprehensive understanding of gender issues. He highlighted that integrating this knowledge into their work scope is crucial for making a meaningful impact.

The training provided a thorough coverage of fundamental gender concepts and gender mainstreaming, Diversity & Social Inclusion, Gender Equality & Inclusion in WASH Services, and Gender Transformative WASH. Dr. Tanvir Ahmed from ITN-BUET underlined the significance of incorporating gender and inclusion at every phase of a project cycle, starting from the initial design phase.

Ehteshamul Rasel Khan, Superintending Engineer at Design Circle DPHE, expressed gratitude to the organizers for arranging this highly beneficial and timely training on a crucial issue. He acknowledged that this training would enhance their understanding of gender and inclusivity concepts. The insights gained from this training would enable them to design gender transformative WASH projects, ensuring fair and accessible services for all, especially targeting women, children, and the most vulnerable groups.

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