ITN-BUET, ENPHO, and FANSA have organized a six-day long virtual training course on CWIS from 08 May 2023. FANSA Regional partners from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, who are implanting the “Rising for the Rights” project, are the primary participants of this online training program.

This training course and associated modules developed under the leadership of ITN-BUET aim to capacitate sanitation rights activists on the key concepts of CWIS and how to promote it for implementation. The module covers the concepts of CWIS and highlights the importance of creating an enabling environment with appropriate regulations, policies, and institutional structures. The online training was designed to keep the recipient engaged using Moodle cloud platform. The course has also been contextualized for the South Asian Region.

In the welcoming note, Ms. Bhawana Sharma, the Executive Director of ENPHO, expressed that the well-structured nature of the programs will lead to the successful implementation of CWIS. She added that the initiative will significantly contribute to achieving SDG-6 by adopting meaningful approaches to ensure sanitation for all. Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, Director, ITN-BUET also welcomed the participants, recognizing the diversity in the attendance and providing encouragement for having a meaningful engagement through the course.

A total of 16 sessions under the course cover various topics, including CWIS principles and framework urban sanitation technologies, the institutional and regulatory framework, and ways to monitor and improve the system. Overall, the course provides comprehensive insights into the complex urban sanitation paradigm and equips participants with the knowledge needed for effective city sanitation planning and implementation.

Ms. Lajana Manandhar, the Executive Director of Lumanti Support Group of Shelter and Regional Convener of FANSA, expressed her appreciation for the significant representation of female participants in the training. She extended her gratitude to ITN-BUET, ENPHO, and all the FANSA team members who attended, acknowledging their valuable contributions.
Resource persons from ITN-BUET, ENPHO, ASCI, and Practical Action conducted the course. A total of 56 participants from 7 South Asian countries including 16 females are participating in this course

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