Eawag, the Swiss water research institute and an internationally networked institution organized a four-days long workshop on “production and contextualization of digital materials” at ITN-BUET from 21-24 July 2019 to introduce the process of contextualization for ConCaD-training materials. During the workshop, participants materialized the idea of contextualization and digitization of training materials with special focus on FSM and inclusive sanitation, hands on experience of photography and videography, and building promotional materials for offering training for future capacity building programs on FSM.

Training Material Contextualization: A Workshop by Eawag and ITN-BUET

This workshop is a follow up event of a ToT organized in July this year with support from Eawag/ConCaD where experts and professionals in the sector received training on FSM/CWIS. One of the major feedbacks of the ToT was to contextualize the core content of the ToT suitable for Bangladeshi practitioner.

Total 12 participants from World Bank, WHO, SNV, WaterAid and ITN-BUET attended the workshop. Fabian Suter, capacity building manager at Sandec/Eawag and Riu Lohri, videographer of momokofilm/ConCaD, Eawag facilitated the workshop. Eawag/ConCaD and ITN-BUET awarded certificates to the participants at the end of the workshop.

Training Material Contextualization: A Workshop by Eawag and ITN-BUET

ITN-BUET is planning to organize a training for Bangladeshi consultants and sector professionals on City Wide Inclusive Sanitation in October 2019 applying the learning from the ToT and contextualization workshop.

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