Developing Sanitation Safety Plan (SSP) for Sakhipur Municipality, Tangail

ITN Component Sector Program Support (SPS-I) Water Supply and Sanitation Sector (WSSS), Bangladesh

Period: January 2021 - March 2021

Client(s): WaterAid Bangladesh

WaterAid Bangladesh is providing technical and financial support to Sakhipur Municipality to operate fecal sludge management system and ensure safely managed sanitation in the City. The access to improved sanitation facilities as well as to protect public health at different steps of the sanitation value chain, management and investment in improvements on sanitation systems in Sakhipur should be made based on adequate understanding of the actual health risks posed by the systems, and how these risks might be controlled. In this regard, ITN-BUET provided technical assistance  to develop a Sanitation Safety Plan (SSP) for Sakhipur Municipality, Tangail to protect public health through sanitation interventions and guide its investment accordingly.

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  • A comprehensive field-based Sanitation Safety Plan (SSP) developed for Sakhipur Municipality, Tangail
  • Systematically analyzed the health risks associated in the sanitation value chain in the Sakhipur Municipality and proposed a comprehensive Sanitation Safety Plan for the city.
  • Provided a clear roadmap for monitoring the SSP for ensuring the control measures and verifying the system performance.