Development of Design, BoQs and product sheets (graphics design) of Climate-resilient and disabled-friendly inclusive latrine under GoB-UNICEF SDC supported SanMarkS II project

Client(s): UNICEF Bangladesh

SanMarkS II is a scale-up of the SanMarkS project that aims to improve access to sanitation products and services in rural communities in Bangladesh. It uses a market development approach and demand creation activities to encourage positive behavior changes and the adoption of improved latrines. The project also builds capacity for local latrine producers and demonstrates a variety of toilets using the “nudging theory” in latrine producers’ yards. SanMarkS II is being implemented in 25 districts in Bangladesh, which are vulnerable to climatic shocks such as drought, flooding, and storms, including cyclones.

The overall objective is to develop design, BoQ and product sheets for selected climate resilient and disability inclusive latrine options for SanMarkS II project to support construction and market promotion of latrine options.

Please follow and like us:
  • Designs including working drawings for latrine options factoring in resilience to climate hazards and ease of use by persons with disability.
  • Technical drawings, Bill of Quantities (BoQs) and technical specifications for each design option
  • Product sheets including guidelines/instructions on construction modalities as well as operation and maintenance of the latrine options.