South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub (K-Hub)

Client(s): ADB , BMGF , GoB

The South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub (‘the K-Hub’) aims to increase the influence of evidence-based advocacy for urban policy and practice in South Asia. The K-Hub will build a network of training and research institutions in the region; and develop a forum for improving knowledge management within and between countries and regions. Hub activities facilitate sharing of best practices in urban management, infrastructure and services delivery in South Asia and other regions; and develop capacity for outcome-oriented research in the urban sector. The regional center of the K-Hub based in India plays the dual role of regional and national center for India; and each participating country, including Bangladesh, will have a national center that has been endorsed by the respective government.

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  • The K-Hub facilitates information and experience exchanges within South Asia for city managers, utility staff, policy makers, academia and the private sector to improve the urban environment and services delivery.
  • To make recommendations to improve University-level curricula for urban planners and managers in South Asia.
  • Strengthen national centers’ capacity for outcome-oriented research and influencing intended audiences.