Research Project Fund

Guideline for Receiving ITN-BUET Research Project Fund

  1. Research proposal(s) from the researcher (individual/team) for receiving ITN-BUET Research Project Fund must focus on specific issues/problems from the following research themes:
    • Technologies and innovations in fecal sludge management (FSM), decentralized wastewater treatment (DWWT) and integrated solid waste management (SWM)
    • Planning for citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS), including FSM Gender, social, climate change, and emergency/disaster issues
    • Waste-to-energy, recycle and re-use
    • Innovative business and service-delivery models for CWIS.
  1. The proposal must be submitted to ITN-BUET in the prescribed form.
  2. An individual or a team of researchers can apply for this research project fund. The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a professional from an academic/research institution or an individual researcher. CV of the PI needs to be attached, which highlights his/her research experience.
  3. ITN-BUET Research Committee shall assess the merit of the proposal on a case-by-case basis. ITN-BUET Research Committee reserves the right to accept or reject a proposal without showing any reason.
  4. The researcher must strictly follow the approved time frame and work plan of research work.
  5. ITN-BUET will assign a Research Officer to administer the research project fund.
  6. Research fund will be disbursed in installments following the agreement subject to satisfactory progress of research work, and acceptance of deliverables.
  7. The PI shall share the progress of research activities through presentations and submission of progress reports as per agreed timelines in the proposal. The final report shall be in the prescribed format of the ITN-BUET research series booklet.
  8. The PI must take the ethics approval from ITN-BUET Research Committee for any research involving human participation. The PI is requested to contact ITN-BUET for further information regarding this.
  9. ITN-BUET will publish a research series booklet from the outcome of this work. The PI will take necessary initiative to submit at least one manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal publication of the work. ITN-BUET will consider bearing the journal publication fee (or the cost of open-access, if required), if the manuscript is accepted in a Q1 journal. This will be subject to a time-limit of the article being accepted for publication within 6 months of the termination of the contract. ITN-BUET will have to be acknowledged in any other publication from this research project.