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Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Faecal Sludge Management (FSM): City Corporations

The Institutional and Regulatory Framework has been developed with the central notion of ensuring safe sanitation practice in our country, aligned with Global Goal 6.2. The IRF-FSM has been developed separately for city corporations, municipalities, rural areas, and the mega-city of Dhaka – laying out the institutional roles and responsibilities to implement FSM services in these different contexts.

Publisher(s): GoB, ITN-BUET


Water Safety Plans in Bangladesh: Experiences from Pilot Projects

This report describes the process of implementation of Water Safety Plans in Bangladesh since 2004. The focus of attention has been on rural water supplies, although there has also been some experience with Pourshava piped water supplies.

Publisher(s): GoB, LGD


Risk Assessment of Arsenic Mitigation Options (RAAMO)

This report is the output of a risk assessment of arsenic mitigation options that was undertaken by ITN-BUET over a 12-month period with funding from the Arsenic Policy Support Unit (APSU). This study was meticulously designed and involved the inputs from a number of national and international experts. This study is the first of its kind in a developing country and will support balanced decision making by water and health professionals engaged in arsenic mitigation.

Publisher(s): GoB, ITN-BUET, LGD