1st Iwa Non-sewered Sanitation Conference 2023

Publisher(s): ITN-BUET

November, 2023

Category: Reports

The first-ever IWA Specialist Group Conference on Non-Sewered Sanitation held in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2023 at the Emperors Palace Conference Centre with the theme of “stimulating innovative solutions and uptake for people not connected to sewers”. The event brought together about 400 delegates worldwide to discuss innovative, off-grid sanitation solutions.

ITN-BUET was privileged to take part the 1st Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS) Conference in Johannesburg. Its activities included participating in an expert panel discussion in IWA (International Water Association) and WRC (Water Research Commission)-hosted workshop on “Water-wise and Sanitation-Secure-Resilient Cities”, expert member of the jury panel for best posters, oral presentations in sessions titled ‘Nature-Based Solution’, and ‘CWIS & Circular Economy’, poster presentation and networking to expand ITN-BUET capacity building (CB) activities worldwide through promotion and distribution of its knowledge products.  

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