Training Guide for Private Operators on Fecal Sludge Management Business and Marketing

Publisher(s): CWIS-FSM Support Cell, ITN-BUET, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

July, 2023

Category: Training Manual

This business and marketing training module course is prepared by Consiglieri Private Limited with both English and Bangla illustration. The making of the module was also supported by stakeholders such as SNV, DPHE, ITN-BUET and personnel from municipalities and private operators of Khulna, Jashore, Jhenaidah, Kushtia and Faridpur districts of Bangladesh. The aim of this course is to support new and existing private operators of faecal sludge management in developing their own business plans and marketing strategies. During a co-creation session in July 2023, the stakeholders established sub-topics for each of the six module tasks that should be covered in the training course (see Figure 1 below). Based on this outline, the team of Consiglieri Private Limited developed a draft training course. During the development process, some of the identified topics were shifted or merged. Besides that, a Field Exposure – was added during the development process. The draft curriculum has been reviewed by SNV and other
stakeholders. A validation workshop was also hosted by ITN-BUET where the modules were presented and validated by the stakeholders including LGI representatives. The comments and feedback have been incorporated and the training has been finalized by the Consiglieri team.

The course contains six modules:

1. Understanding FSM Business
2. Carrying out market research
3. Developing a business plan
4. Delivering the service
5. Developing Marketing Strategies
6. Financial management

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