Animation on Faecal Sludge Management

Publisher(s): SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

June, 2015

Category: Video

Can you imagine toilets without proper sewer systems? Yuck!
Well in urban areas, you’ll find them everywhere! In fact, Toilets are either connected to a storm drain, a collection pit or in better cases – a septic tank.
So what happens when the collection systems fill up? They overflow into drains…..and with pits, most of the cases involve manual scavenging.

The right way to collect is to call a vacuum truck. But what about disposal? Because evidence suggests human waste, also known as septage is just carelessly dumped into open drains or near water bodies. And what does this lead to?
Irreparable damage to the environment and public health.
The need of the hour is adequate disposal practices, but costs prove to be a major concern for local bodies in implementing them. But… what if there was a solution that ensures septage is not only properly disposed, but costs are also recovered, making waste recovery a self-sustained model?

Yes! It’s possible!

How it can be done? What is the process?
The process includes a waste collection and transport system where the waste is disposed across agriculture land, treatment systems and Municipal Solid waste dumping sites.

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