City Service Delivery Assessment (CSDA) for Citywide Inclusive Sanitation in Rajshahi City Corporation

Publisher(s): ITN-BUET, UNICEF

November, 2021

Category: Reports

The objective of this exercise is to conduct the full City Sanitation Delivery Assessment (CSDA) for CWIS for Rajshahi City Corporation to identify gaps, challenges, and actions to improve the sanitation system. The prioritized action checklist will aid in implementing CWIS in Rajshahi City Corporation for the next two years. The CSDA tool is handy in the following situations where:
a. An SFD has been constructed, but the stakeholders and decision-makers do not yet have a clear idea of the requirement to improve the sanitation situation – but are motivated to improve it;
b. Citywide inclusive sanitation is a new or emerging concept, and stakeholders have not yet worked together;
c. Sanitation development has not previously been addressed in a systematic way, but there is some stakeholder interest in doing so.

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