Establishment of a Reference Fecal Sludge Testing Laboratory at BUET

Publisher(s): ITN-BUET

November, 2021

Category: Reports

The main goal of setting up a “Reference Fecal Sludge Testing Laboratory” in the country hosting at BUET, having a variety of facilities to carry out various FS tests (including effluent and sludge), and providing its services to the recipients. The establishment of this RFSTL has the following specific goals:

  • Characterize the FS, effluent, and end-product from fecal sludge treatment systems
  • Support research works on FS to generate new knowledge and create evidence
  • Evaluate new fecal sludge treatment technologies
  • Facilitate the surveillance monitoring of the performance of FSTPs
  • Build capacity of the other laboratories of the country through providing the capacity building supports (e.g., training)
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