National Compendium of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Technologies for Disaster Response

Publisher(s): DPHE, ITN-BUET, UNICEF, WASH Cluster

January, 2023

Category: Handbook / Guidebook

The ‘National Compendium of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Technologies for Disaster Response’ presents WASH technologies (water supply, sanitation, and hygiene) that have been selected through a consultative process by WASH Cluster Organizations working in various disaster contexts in Bangladesh. The Compendium includes WASH technologies intended for use during and after disasters, as well as climate resilient options that are promoted and implemented as sustainable technologies for disaster preparedness.

Water supply technologies listed in the Compendium comprise temporary and resilient tube-well options, pond sand filters (PSF), rainwater harvesting, rainwater storage in protected ponds, and desalination systems. It also covers water trucking and emergency water treatment options for both household and community water supply during and after disasters. Additionally, relevant regeneration and rehabilitation options are included for different water supply alternatives.

Sanitation technologies in the Compendium encompass temporary and resilient raised pit toilets. It also includes floating toilet designed for flood situations, temporary communal latrine suitable for flood, cyclone, and earthquake situations, as well as mobile toilets. Several emergency excreta disposal options such as deep trench latrines, plastic communal latrines, and bucket latrines are included as response alternatives. For shelters accommodating displaced populations, multiple chamber pit/tank-based toilet options are also provided. The compendium features technical drawings of various technologies, including plan and section views, which facilitate field construction of the technologies. Additionally, cost estimates with volume information are presented for each technology included in this compilation. Bill of Quantity (BOQ) is prepared based on technology design, drawing/specification, and the current market rate of the item.

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