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Public Private Partnerships for sustainable sludge management services in Faridpur, Bangladesh

The municipality of Faridpur has elaborated its vision for a “sustainable and safe city-wide faecal sludge management system serving all municipal residents and institutions in Faridpur municipality by 2025”, to achieve sustainable FSM component of the City Development Plan. This vision involves addressing the three systemic problems that create binding constraints on the emergence of scaled, environmentally safe, and financially sustainable private sector-led functions in the faecal sludge system. This project proposes to implement a set of activities that will further elaborate the investment needs of the municipality and support it to access investment financing, while taking initial steps to pilot, and test the economics of scale-up of solutions to the systemic problems identified. The proposed solutions to be supported in this project are:

Setting standards of containments for monitoring the construction and uses and capacity building of local masons for construction of standard containments to improve the containment standards throughout the city;
Forming public-private partnership for collection and transportation with sweeper groups (informal pit emptiers group) by sustainably building the capacity of collection and transportation services;
Promotion of safe disposal at the new treatment plant (planted drying bed and unplanted drying bed) instead of disposing of it unsafely in the environment;
Treatment infrastructure development and public-private partnership for treatment plant operation by creating an operational treatment plant by constructing the plant and forming SLA (service level agreements) with private treatment Plant Operator (TPO) to run the plant; and
Formation of a coherent national regulatory framework and guidelines for faecal sludge management, combined with the current limited national capacity and devising a sectoral coordination mechanism to coordinate the sector stakeholders by establishing a sludge network.

To establish effective and consistent sludge management services across the whole of Faridpur City sustaining itself through results-based public-private partnerships, ensuring the city’s sustainably healthy environment and its people health.


To establish sustainable city-wide faecal sludge management system serving all municipal residents in Faridpur municipality by 2025
To finalise the National FSM Regulatory Framework and strengthening sectoral coordination for improved knowledge and learning exchanges
Documents available for download:

1. Presentation about this project at FSM3 Conference in Hanoi (January 2015)
Format: pdf file
Size: 0.73 MB

2. Paper presented at WEDC Conference in Loughborough, UK (July 2015): Faecal sludge management in Faridpur, Bangladesh: scaling up through service level Agreements
Format: pdf file
Size: 0.42 MB

3. Powerpoint presentation to go with the WEDC paper
Format: pdf file
Size: 1.01 MB

Publisher(s): Practical Action

Poop story

Public awareness brochure illustrating the need for faecal sludge management.

FSM in Emergency

Up-Flow Filtration System to Ensure Safe and Environment-Friendly Faecal Sludge Management at the World’s Largest Settlement for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Faecal Sludge Management: A viable business model

A business model has been developed for Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) in Faridpur, adopting a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach. Through this model, the municipality provides city-wide customer service at an affordable price. The service providers are regulated for accountable and user-friendly services by the municipality to ensure a sustainable service system.

Publisher(s): Practical Action

Faecal Sludge Management: Responsible Leadership and responsive citizens

The success of FSM largely depends on the responsiveness of the citizens. A bothway relationship between responsible leaders and responsive citizens is important to make this system sustainable. A social mobilization campaign has been conducted in Faridpur targeting all segments of population to make everyone aware, sensitise and responsive regarding safe management of faecal waste and individual’s law-abiding role.

Publisher(s): Practical Action

1 service: one-stop integrated municipal utility service

The Faridpur Municipality has established a dedicated service desk, which manages requests and delegates the tasks to the pit-emptying service providers. The 1SERVICE will ensure quality, accountability of service providers, and reduces the possibility of illegal dumping. 1SERVICE offers citizens to place requests for pit-emptying services along with other utility services through SMS, USSD, voice calls, apps, and website.

Publisher(s): Practical Action

A practical solution to Faecal Sludge Management

Practical Action Bangladesh has supported establishing a comprehensive city-side Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) service for Faridpur City. An advanced and systematic approach has been undertaken by the municipal authorities for ensuring an environmentally safe and financially sustainable private sector-led replicable model for a developing country.

Publisher(s): Practical Action