ITN-BUET has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with ASCI on May 23, 2022 to foster learning and regional leadership.

The enormous and multi-dimensional challenges of safely managed sanitation demand documentation and promotion of good practices, knowledge exchange and sharing resources among national and regional organizations. ITN-BUET endeavors to reduce the gaps among the sector partners, stakeholders, leaders and implementors through multi-dimensional capacity-building programs. It aims to be established as Capacity Building Hub (CB Hub) for selected countries in South and Southeast Asia on CWIS and FSM to guide safe, inclusive, and sustainable sanitation. Through networking and twinning events, the knowledge and learning from India will reinforce the CB Hub to collaborate with regional and local centers in these countries for collective CB curriculum and academic content development and last-mile capacity building program delivery. Due to the strong presence of the Administrative Staff College (ASCI) of India in urban governance, the Government of India has commissioned it as the capacity-building focal under various centrally sponsored schemes. ASCI has been working extensively with cities to bring wide-scale improvements in WASH facilities and processes.

ITN-BUET and ASCI intend to build a strong partnership for working towards a common vision of developing a robust knowledge base and human resources on CWIS through different capacity-building activities in the South Asia region. The partners will work collaboratively for cross-regional learnings, dissemination of knowledge and best practices, enhancement of multi-dimensional capacities of stakeholders, high-quality action research to foster innovation and address the sector needs, organization of guided exposure visits, and regional networking. Both the partners expressed their confidence about the fruitful implementation of the activities following the agreement. The partnership is expected to foster regional competencies and leadership in the WASH sector.


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