The 2nd round of online orientation on the National Action Plan (NAP) for Implementing Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Fecal Sludge Management was held on 9th February 2022. Paurashavas under the ‘Water Supply & Environmental Sanitation including Faecal Sludge Management Project in 32 Paurashava’ were oriented on the roles, responsibilities, activities and milestones mentioned in the NAP for paurashava level. Project Director of 32 Paurashava Project, Engineers of DPHE, Honorable Mayors, Panel Mayors, Councilors, and relevant officials of the Paurashavas attended the event.

The Paurashava leaders underlined the need for capacity-building for achieving the milestones of the National Action Plan for implementing IRF-FSM

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, Director, ITN-BUET, briefly presented the roles and activities of Paurashavas as outlined in the action plan. He said that ITN-BUET would continue its endeavor in future capacity-building initiatives for Paurashava officials on FSM and CWIS for successfully achieving the milestones of NAP. Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mian, Project Director, 32 Paurashava, said that DPHE is planning to train the technical officials of the paurashavas. In addition, there will be some awareness-raising campaigns in all the Wards of a paurashava. As FSM is a very new topic, the citizens of a city should be made aware of the issue first, opined Mr. Nazrul.

Mr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Social Development Expert, CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE, commented that the paurashava leadership should come forward to promote FSM in their cities. CWIS-FSM Support Cell and DPHE are willing to provide any technical support in this regard. The Honorable Mayor of Nangolkot, Sundarganj, Sonargaon, Hakimpur, Sreebordi, Chouddogram, Kuliarchar, Mirsarai expressed their views during the open discussion facilitated by Mr. Alauddin Ahmed, Project Manager, ITN-BUET. Mr. Md. Mir Hossain Miru, Honorable Mayor of Chauddagram Paurashava, said that the paurashava is located near a highway, and the open dumping of waste creates a nuisance.  It is high time the city thinks of an alternative of open dumping to improve the situation. Mr. Md. Ali Lal Miah, Honorable Mayor of Sreebordi Paurashava, underpinned the need for proper management of fecal sludge, wastewater and suitable drainage system to provide a clean city to the city dwellers in his speech. Representatives from Karimganj, Satkania, Chouddogram, Sonargaon, and Kalihati Paurashava said that they regularly organize standing committee meetings and are in the process of ensuring land for the treatment plant.

More than 100 participants attended the orientation program. The speakers emphasized the need of the Government’s support for ensuring land for constructing treatment plants. ITN-BUET, CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE and 32 Paurashava Project jointly organized the online event.

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