Citywide Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) Action Plan for Rangpur and Chattogram

Period: July 2020 - May 2021

Client(s): WSUP-Bangladesh

WSUP has extended its support to address the lack of fecal sludge management services in Rangpur and Chattogram cities and now intends to enhance the capacity of cities through the preparation of a 5 -10 year Citywide FSM Action Plan which will provide a framework for the introduction and consolidation of FSM services in these cities. ITN-BUET is providing technical assistance to develop Citywide FSM Action Plans for Chattogram and Rangpur, which will help to develop DPPs and mobilize the necessary finance for implementation of FSM services in these cities.

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  • Key stakeholders for implementation of FSM Action Plan has been identified
  • Preliminary SWOT analysis for development of FSM action plan has been done
  • FSM situation visualized through FSM Assessment
  • FSM Action Plan developed for City Wide FSM implementation by 2030


SFD Lite Report for Rangpur