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3rd FSM Convention Bangladesh 2018: Proceedings Report

Bangladesh Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Network organised the 3rd FSM Convention, with the aim to find the way forward in terms of sharing experiences for policy influencing and promoting the business of faecal sludge. Focused on resource mobilisation for ensuring and scaling up sustainable FSM services in Bangladesh, this day-long convention brought together sanitation actors and the other relevant stakeholders to share the learnings from the FSM journey in Bangladesh and suggest initiatives to scale up the momentum.

Publisher(s): FSM Network

Knowledge Product: Integrated Approach for Development of Slums and Low Income Communities in Urban Areas of Bangladesh

An “integrated approach” (Knowledge Product – 3) has been proposed for holistic development of slums and low-income communities (LICs). The approach has been developed based on assessment of existing situation and challenges in slums and LICs, review of slum development approaches/experiences in different countries, and through extensive consultation involving all stakeholders. The “approach” involves identification of issues and challenges in urban slums and LICs under “four broad categories”, and then addressing the “interrelated issues and challenges” under each category systematically in an “integrated manner” involving all stakeholders including the LGI itself, I/NGOs, development partners, and other concerned agencies.

Knowledge Product : A proposed operational/business model for sustainable Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) services in urban areas of Bangladesh

This document, referred to as Knowledge Product, KP-2, presents a guideline for establishing an effective FSM operational/ business model in urban areas of Bangladesh. The model has been developed based on a detailed assessment of existing operations of FSM services in different urban centres of Bangladesh, a review of data/information and experience of running FSM services in other countries, and through extensive consultations involving all stakeholders.

Report on awareness raising campaign strategy and design of BCC-IEC Material on FSM

ITN-BUET, a center for water supply and waste management of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has published a term of reference aiming to appoint consultant/s to prepare an awareness-raising campaign …

Publisher(s): ITN-BUET