1204, 2021

Endeavor to protect the health of frontline waste and sanitation workers from infectious diseases through capacity building

Waste and Sanitation workers are exposed to different occupational hazards, including the risk of infection. Lack of sufficient and suitable safety gear and cleaning agents increases their risk of chronic diseases. A study reveals that 80% of waste and sanitation workers do not have any occupational health and safety training focusing on preventing infectious diseases, including COVID-19. ITN-BUET and CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE have targeted to train more than [...]

2202, 2021

Study reveals urgent improvement need in health and hygiene practice and use of safety gears by waste and sanitation workers

80% of waste and sanitation workers do not have any occupational health and safety training for preventing infection; whereas sufferings from various infectious diseases due to their occupational exposure are common among this group, revealed by a study finding by ITN-BUET. ITN-BUET organized the technical session to disseminate the findings of the study on “assessment of waste and sanitation workers on safe health and hygiene practice during service delivery [...]

1301, 2021

ITN-BUET offers international online CWIS training with ENPHO and EAWAG

As an effort to establish itself as a regional capacity-building hub, ITN-BUET, Bangladesh has offered a three-week-long (from 11 January-03 February 2021) online training on “City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation: Principles and their Application” in collaboration with ENPHO of Nepal, and EAWAG of Switzerland. The live sessions of the online course will be run through Zoom, and all course/reading materials, video documents, quizzes, assignments etc., will be uploaded in the Coursera [...]

2312, 2020

Technical Session on “Assessment of Performance of FSM Services in Selected Paurashavas”

ITN-BUET conducted an action research on "Assessment of Performance of FSM Services in Selected Paurashavas” and disseminated the study findings through an online technical session on 23 December 2020 engaging sector experts and practitioners. The primary focus of the study was to assess the overall performance of FSM services in Faridpur, Lakhimpur and Shakhipur Paurashavas (municipalities) where the service has been operational for a few years. The findings could [...]

1412, 2020

Attempt to identify capacity building needs on FSM and CWIS

ITN-BUET has been leading the national-level capacity building program on FSM and CWIS in collaboration with DPHE and relevant sector partners with financial support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It aims to accelerate and spread the capacity-building activities at the national and regional levels in the coming years. As the core partner, CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE and TA Hub are incredibly vital actors for the successful implementation of [...]

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